Flight 22 Basketball Events: Elevate Your Game and Join the Action

Welcome to Flight 22's exciting lineup of basketball events that are designed to elevate your skills and connect you with the best in the game.

Whether you're an aspiring athlete looking to improve your game or a dedicated coach seeking top talent, Flight 22 has something for everyone.

The Region's Premier High School Summer Event Fred Lynch Invitational

Fred Lynch Invitational

The Fred Lynch Invitational is the crown jewel of high school summer basketball in our region. With a rich history of showcasing outstanding talent, this event is your ticket to play alongside and against the best high school players. Don't miss your chance to shine.

Gala Event Charger invitational

Flight 22 Holiday Charity Gala

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Hall of Fame

Flight 22 Hall of Fame Banquet

Since the inception of the program in 2000, Flight 22 has recruited, trained, coached and mentored hundreds of student athletes. At Flight 22, we believe in celebrating excellence both on and off the basketball court.

That's why we're proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of our student-athletes who have soared to new heights through dedication, skill, and commitment to the game.

Elevate Your Game to Elite Status Elite Camp

Elite Camp

Our Elite Camp is an invitation-only event for players who aspire to reach the highest levels of basketball. Led by top coaches and scouts, it's a platform to get ranked, recruited, and evaluated while fine-tuning your skills for success.

Elevate Your Game This Summer Summer Skills Camp

Summer Skills Camp

Our Summer Skills Camp is the perfect opportunity for basketball enthusiasts of all skill levels to train with the best. Led by experienced coaches and designed to enhance your skills, this camp promises a summer filled with growth, teamwork, and unforgettable moments on the court.

Coach and Organizer Nathan Faulk invites you to join us at Flight 22 and experience basketball like never before. Whether you're here to develop your skills, compete at the highest level, or pursue your dreams of playing college basketball, Flight 22 has the events to make it happen.

Come get ranked, recruited, and evaluated.